Giant Marquee Letters

Designing Your Dreams

Looking for something big, bright & very theatrical.
Something that your guests hadn’t seen before, something unexpecting.
Giant LOVE letters……

We offer the classic selection of LOVE and MR&MRS but you’re only limited by your imagination when choosing wedding love letters. You could have your initials, the words PARTY, BAR, IDO, BRIDE or even WEDDING

Proclaim your love on the absolute grandest scale – 4ft to be exact with giant life-size love light up letters.

Our light up letters will make your special day even more memorable by dazzling your guests and creating beautiful photo opportunities.


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Weddings, Corporate & Events

for Weddings & Events

Put a personal touch on your next event with captivating marquee letters.  Our Giant Four foot marquee letters provide a stylish way to declare your love at wedding, spell out your name at party, or distinguish your booth at a tradeshow. Available in white, the marquee letters we offer are sure to pair well with any decor!  In addition to making a dazzling statement at your next event, the timeless beauty of marquee letters will provide a brilliant backdrop for photos that will be cherished long into the future. Make a statement at your next event by renting marquee letters from today!


Our Love Marquee Letters available at is a handmade, life-sized LOVE sign that is sure to set a presence. It is very iconic and your guests can fully interact with it to take photos and share them.

The lighting is available in plain vintage yellow, romantic red, wintery blue, and wonderland green. You can pre-select the color of lighting.

4 Feet Tall

All of Our 4 foot light-up letters feature your choice of warm white or pure white faceted LED globe bulbs that emit a brilliant, radiating glow in all directions. Made of acrylic resin rather than glass, our UL Listed LED bulbs are virtually unbreakable and remain cool to the touch, so they not only look amazing but are safe for you and guests. Each letter is individually wired, giving you the freedom to place and space your letters any way you heart desires. Extension cords connect the letters as needed, requiring only one power outlet.

Marquee Light-up letters also look amazing for anniversaries, engagements, and bridal showers.

Talk to us today for more ideas and inspiration. Our love light letters are perfect for any romantic occasion.